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our offer includes:


wide range of financing

Wide range of financing : business loans, microfinance, guarantees and venture.



We provide entrepreneurs, employers with financial, tax, legal, transactional and business support and help develop innovative activities, including obtaining financing from public and European funding programmes and other available sources.Experience in introducing companies to new product and geographic markets - business consulting, market research , competitive analysis and customer satisfaction. We offer unique knowledge of difficult and niche markets.We have been supporting the market entry and the business development in Poland of middle-sized companies and global operating company groups from various industries. Together with our business partners - also provide comprehensive design solutions and assembly of low-voltage installations, electrical installations, professional photovoltaic solutions and IT equipment along with software configuration in the field of low-voltage, electrical installations and the supply of IT equipment and services.Focuses on the implementation of large projects, alone, in consortia or as a subcontractor for general contractors.


real estates

We can help you buy, sell or lease residential or commercial property. We have over 10 years of experience selling properties. We also cooperate with Real Estate Industry Leaders. Additional services: buying and selling businesses

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The history of our company is over 30 years, mainly in the SME sector. We supported hundreds of companies, led to the establishment of local and foreign partnerships, helped to establish a lot of new companies. Our goal is to support entrepreneurs. We successfully cooperate in many projects. We are a member of The Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Toruń. We would like to see you as our business partner !